From Ekal to Police Force

Shri K. Gopi Nayak, a student of Ekal Vidyalaya from Ranga Reddy district of the state of Telangana (formerly Andhra Pradesh) grew nostalgic on his interview with us. Having worked as an Acharya Gopi Nayak is currently working as a Constable in Telangana Police force. In spite of the success that comes with his indomitable will to protect Bharat, he is still active as a guiding spirit to the Ekal Abhiyan even today.
Belonging to a poor family who couldn't even afford three meals a day, let alone education, he remembers how his days at Ekal Vidyalaya kept providing him the very lessons and practices that would help him accomplish his dream of contributing to Bharat's upliftment.

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