Nutritional garden to prosperity

Sri Ramlal Bahala, a villager of tribal community of Jharmunda village, Sundergarh, Orissa is now recognized as a big entrepreneur of that district. Previously he was struggling of starvation with his seven children & wife. He came in contact with Sri Arjun Sharma, incharge of GRC, Jarangloi. He suggested and trained him to establish a Nutritional Garden. He with his wife and children worked hard in his one acre of abandoned and waste land with the help of his two cows and two oxen only. He established his Nutritional Garden with Organic farming pattern. He bought improved variety of fruits sapling from GRC nursery. He is producing 3-4 crops of green vegetables in a year on his land. Fruits & vegetables of all the seasons are coming timely. His production is more than sufficient for his self consumption. All the family members are enjoying fresh & organic green fruits & vegetable grown by their own efforts. They conquered the malnutrition problem merely in 3 years. All the children started their education and his elder girl has become Tailoring Master after taking training at GRC Jarangloi. He is now earning Rs. 4-5 lakh per annum by selling his surplus vegetable production. In Market, people like his products very much due to the natural taste of the fruits & vegetables.

By taking inspiration from his efforts, now about 20 farmers of that village are practicing Organic Farming and have established Nutritional Garden too. Entire village came out from the curse of malnutrition and all are earning extra money too. Now the name of Sri Ramlal Bahala is not only popular but looked upon a prestigious entrepreneur in his District Sundergarh.

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