A Success Story at CORD Training Centre, Sidhbari

Bharat Mahan

Atul Kumar a 5yrs old male boy suffering from Spastic Cerebral Palsy. He came to CORD in December 2014 for treatment and therapies. He assessed thoroughly at CORD and his family counseled for his abilities and condition. Along this they counseled on multiple therapies approach for the betterment and improvement of his condition.

That time he stands for few minutes with the support and he speaks two word level sentences. He regularly visited CORD centre for therapies. With the regular physiotherapy exercises his muscles tightness reduced and strength and coordination improved. He also received sensory integration therapy, special education and speech therapy at CORD.

At CORD therapist has prepared him for the mainstream school. Now he is going in mainstream school and walks with the support. He faced difficulty in the school for seating due to the improper sitting arrangements. Program has provided him tailor made cerebral palsy chair for sitting. Now he is using the chair in class room. Teacher is also helpful and cooperate him and also sensitized on his abilities and disabilities. Now they become more sensitive and aware on disabilities. He likes to go regular school and has now many friends in school.

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