This woman started kulchha-chana thela to save her family from financial crisis

Yadav is a graduate, a loving wife and a doting mother of two. Till a month back, Yadav was just another Gurugram resident, working as a nursery teacher and taking care of her family. But things changed when her husband met with an accident in May and the doctors said he’s need a hip surgery. Because of his injuries, Yadav’s husband – the primary earner in the family – had lost his job. Instead of blaming fate and waiting for funds to run out, she decided to do something constructive.

Yadav opened a food stall/thela, selling kulchha-chana and sabzi-paranthas. In an interview with Vagabomb, Yadav said, “We weren’t facing any immediate financial crisis, but the thought of it scared me. I never wanted to be in a position where I would have to change my children’s school just because we couldn’t afford their education. I had an idea but I didn’t want to ask my family for money, because if it hadn’t worked, I would have been in even more trouble, financially…My husband’s accident really shook me up. I tried to imagine our family without his income and the future looked grim. That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands. I am good at cooking and I decided to use that skill to my advantage. The more acceptable option, according to our family and the society, would have been to open a restaurant or a catering business. But I didn’t have the funds for that. I was thinking about all of this one day when I was in the market to buy medicines for my husband, and I saw a roadside thela.” That’s where she got the idea to start her own; though her kids and in-laws were against it, she had her husband’s support.

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