4 Teens Become First Tribal Students To Scale Everest

Four students from Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district scaled Mount Everest on Wednesday, becoming the first tribal students from India to achieve this feat.

The four to scale the world’s highest peak are Umakant Madavi (19), Parmesh Aale (19), Manisha Dhurve (18), and Kavidas Katmode (18). Katmode and Madavi reached the summit at 3.25am. Aale and Dhurve followed at 4.25am and 4.35am respectively.

The four are part of Mission Shaurya, a 10-member expedition made up of tribal students from Chandrapur district. Mission Shaurya is a joint initiative of Maharashtra Tribal Development Department and Chandrapur Collectorate.

On April 19, the group reached Everest base camp. Madavi, Aale, Dhurve and Katmode made history on May 16 when they became the first tribal students to scale Mount Everest.

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Hindustan Times

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