AED - Heart Device That Can Help Bystanders Save Lives

Bharat Mahan

Bystanders with access to devices called automated external defibrillators could save thousands of patients struck by sudden cardiac arrests outside hospitals, according to a US study that cardiologists in India say underscores their pleas for AEDs in public places.

The study released by US doctors on Monday has found that survival from cardiac arrests outside hospitals increased significantly when bystanders applied an AED - a medical device that delivers a shock to restore the heart's electrical rhythms - before the arrival of emergency medical services.

Nearly 67 per cent of patients who received an AED shock from bystanders survived..... Patients who received an AED shock from bystanders also had a higher chance of discharge with near-normal function....

Bystanders with minimal training could operate an AED with ease.

Read more of this important life saving news in a report by G S Mudur published in The Telegraph...

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