AIIMS Team Conducts Surgeries In Temporary Camps In Ladakh

AT 3,300 METRES above sea level, in Ladakh, a team of specialists from Delhi’s AIIMS has achieved a rare feat — 112 knee and hip replacement surgeries.

That number also tells the story of how these doctors have been conducting temporary camps in a region that so far had little recourse when it came to cases of rheumatoid arthritis. The decision to ferry the doctors and medical equipment to Ladakh was taken over three years ago after AIIMS professionals realised how difficult it was for patients to travel all the way to Delhi.

The team, stationed in the region for almost a week each time, starts the surgeries at 9 am and conducts at least six in 10 hours during the day.

Read more of this in a story by Kaunain Sheriff M published in The Indian Express...

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The Indian Express

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