Awarding The Best DMs Of India

We all know that policies can be made by governments of politicians but when it comes to getting this implemented at the ground level it is the DM of the area who only can lead. We have read of stories how some DM with his/her initiatives have been instrumental in bringing the required change.

And still rarely such achievements are recognised, specially by the commoner or a non-government body.

The Indian Express has launched a unique programme to award the achievers.

"IF good governance is now both an economic and political imperative, it is crucial to examine what it means on the ground — and to celebrate its success. To that effect, on Gandhi Jayanti, in the 70th year of India’s Independence, the Express Group launches The Indian Express Excellence in Governance Awards to acknowledge excellence in governance at the level where it matters and counts the most — the district — through pioneering work done by the District Magistrate."

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The Indian Express

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