Delhi Family Helps Fight Hunger & Poverty Of Hundreds

Bharat Mahan

Today a story published in Times of India informs of a family which is helping hundreds of poor fight hunger. 

When commuting in the city, you frequently chance upon a displeased Hanuman staring at you from the rear windshield of cars. Eyes glowering below arched eyebrows, half the face in shadows, the image on the fluorescent orange sticker hints at religious indignation. It is, but not in the way you would interpret it. For a family at Pillanji village uses it for an entirely noble cause.

At Pillanji, which lies behind INA Market, a 10-foot high hoarding with the familiar image stands in front of a small temple. "Balaji Kunba — a family against hunger", reads the text. The description goes on, "He goes to a temple to eat a laddoo, he goes to a mosque to eat kheer. The hungry don't understand religion."

Read more of this in a report by Paras Singh....

News Source
Times of India

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