Forest Experiment Bears Fruit For Sabarmati Waterfront

Not far from the densely packed industrial belt in Ahmedabad's Pirana Piplaj areas where 1,500 factories and warehouses jostle for space, a 29-acre green zone, packed with 47,000 trees, now brings a whiff of fresh air to the Sabarmati, named the third most polluted river in the country by the Central Pollution Control Board four years ago.

The Gyaspur forestry experiment of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, 2 km from 50-metre-high smouldering garbage mounds in Pirana landfill, is partially responsible for the transformation.

The experiment was undertaken to mask the stench from Pirana's four garbage mounds that have 78 lakh tonnes of waste accumulated over 30 years and smoulder throughout the year.

Other municipal corporations can learn from this successful experiment and make a better place to live in, in their area of operation. Must compliment TOI for bringing this to light.

Read more of this in a report by Paul John published in Times of India...

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Times of India

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