Free WiFi At Railway Stations Changing Lives Of Many

Bharat Mahan

On the 11th of this month a story was posted as to how a coolie at the Ernakulam railway station in Kerala cracked the state civil services examinations with the help of the free wifi being provided at the railway station. (

Today, a story by Shobita Dhar, published in The Times of India talks of how this railway service is changing lives of so many around the country. 

The government's Railtel and Google partnered in 2016 to provide free high-speed Wi-Fi in more than 400 railway stations in India, and it's already available at 389 stations. People like Babu, who are unable to use high-speed internet at home due to its high cost, benefit the most.

"An estimated 15,000 people come online every day. This project with Railtel was our first to improve access to the internet in public areas," says K Suri, director of partnerships, Next Billion Users, Google India. Railtel Wi-Fi has 7.7 million monthly users, he says.

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