NGO Takes Special Classes In Delhi Municipal Schools

The state of affairs of most Municipal schools, around the country, are pretty bad. The results are too not very encouraging. And if we talk of extra curricular activities they are mostly not to be seen.

One voluntary organisation, or a NGO, a term that is commonly used - Marwari Yuva Manch of South Delhi has taken up a project to take special classes of arts and crafts for the students of some schools of South Delhi Municipal Corporation. A few volunteers of the organisation spend a few hours for three to four days, taking craft classes in these schools. They are given training to make flowers using the quilling art, making of photo frames using ice-cream sticks etc. The idea is to use disposables at home in making something worthwhile. 

The experience is that the students of these municipal schools are thrilled to learn some thing new. Their interest in innovation is aroused. The lady volunteers make sure that the children are motivated to take this learning further, to use them.

Such small help in schools, specially where the need is more; in schools run by municipal bodies and other government bodies which can not afford costly environment must be encouraged. Schools for the rich have all these facilities, which is lacking in such schools.

What do you think?

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