One Kerala Town Offers Gold Coin On Child Birth

Bharat Mahan

In Kottakkal municipality of Kerala’s Muslim-dominated Malappuram district, girls bring joy as well as gold for their family.

For their municipal councillor, Abdul Raheem has a unique way of celebrating the birth of a girl child in his ward. The independent councillor has been gifting a gold coin weighing one gram to mothers, who give birth to a girl, for the last two years.

Many leading jewellers in Kottakkal approached Raheem with offers to sponsor the gift after they got to know about this initiative. But he declined because the 38-year-old said he not doing this for any publicity and he has no plan to commercialise it either.

Read more of this positive story in a report by Ramesh Babu published in Hindustan Times...

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Hindustan Times

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