Organ Donation Of 26 Year Gives Lease Of Life To Four

Bharat Mahan


A 26 year old youth, who was declared brain dead after an accident, gave a new lease of life to at least four people suffering from end-stage organ failure. His family decided to donate all his organs, including his heart, liver and two kidneys, which were used for transplantation.

Doctors at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, where the transplants took place between Sunday and Monday, said Ashutosh’s heart was donated to a 33-year-old man diagnosed with very poor heart function. His liver was transplanted to a 49-year-old person and one of his kidneys was also given to a person of the same age who had been suffering from chronic kidney disease.

His second kidney was donated to another person in a different hospital.

Read more of this in a report published in The Times of India...

Such incidents must be communicated to more and more people. This can motivate others for organ donation and save lives of so many.

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Times of India

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