Pay If You Can, As Much As You Can, In This Kerala Restaurant

“Eat as much as you want, give as much as you can” – this is the motto that is inspiring a restaurant in Kerala’s Alappuzha district to strive towards achieving the goal of a hunger-free state.

Janakeeya Bhakshanasala (The People’s Restaurant), an offshoot of Snehajalakam, a pain and palliative care unit associated with the CPI(Marxist), has started serving quality meal for the general public free of cost since March 3.

“If you are hungry, you can come and eat here. There won’t be a cashier at the counter to settle your bill. Your conscience is the cashier. You can drop whatever amount you want to, kept at the box on the counter. Those who cannot afford to give anything can leave content, after a full meal,” said Thomas Isaac, state’s finance minister, in a Facebook post.

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