People Pledging Organs Rise From 9,000 To 15 Lakh In Just 2 Years

Bharat Mahan

There is some good news for patients in India awaiting organ transplants as many people are coming forth to pledge organs. Their waiting list that has been moving at a painfully snail’s pace till now, with less than 1 donor per one million citizens, promises to gain speed. Though we are still far from Spain’s figure of 36 donors per one million — the best donation rate in the world — awareness drives towards this cause are bearing fruit (rather, organs) in the past few years. The director of the nodal agency, National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation, Dr Vimal Bhandari, has said that in just two years, the number of people pledging organs has risen from a mere 9,000 to 15 lakh. More heartening is that a lot more people, specially the youth, are warming up to the idea of helping save lives or the suffering humanity. That unlike those set in their orthodox beliefs being hard nuts to crack, youngsters are embracing compassion as their overriding religion and signing the organ donor cards in large numbers is a relieving thought. 

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