Quick Wound-Healing Dressing Material Developed By IIT-M

Bharat Mahan

Students at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) have developed a new wound-dressing material using a graphene-based component that will be useful for people suffering from diabetes. The research at the institute has been carried out with the aim to help diabetic patients as they suffer from wounds that do not heal as rapidly as in the body of a normal and healthy individual, leading to chronic non-healing wounds that can further result in serious complications. This then becomes the case when amputations become necessary. The dressing material has been developed since the treatment of such chronic non-healing wounds is important and it is also a major clinical challenge.

According to the results of the trial that was done by the institute, normal wounds treated with the dressings healed in 16 days as compared to 23 days in untreated normal wounds. Similarly, diabetic wounds treated with the dressings healed in 20 days as against 26 days in untreated diabetic wounds.

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