Researchers Of IIT Roorkee Come Out With New Cancer Cure

Bharat Mahan

In a major breakthrough, researchers at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee have discovered a new method of treating cancer using a highly reactive molecule under ultraviolet light, which has so far been considered largely harmful.

The method called Photodynamic Therapy, the researchers say, works on the concept of targeted drug delivery into the afflicted area, with the use of ultraviolet light.

The researchers, led by Kaushik Ghosjh of the department of Chemistry and Prabhat Mandal of the department of Biotechnology at IIT, Roorkee, used the extreme end of the visible light spectrum to induce skin penetration and Nitric Oxide (NO) release.

Read more of this in a report by Sumi Sukanya Dutta published in The New Indian Express...

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The New Indian Express

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