‘World’s first’ Telerobotic Coronary Surgery In Gujarat

Cardiac surgeon Dr Tejas Patel performed what doctors claimed to be the “world’s first ever in-human telerobotic coronary intervention procedure” here on Wednesday. The procedure took barely 20 minutes at the Apex Heart Institute with Dr Patel supervising it from the Akshardham Swaminarayan Temple in Gandhinagar, at a distance of 32 km.

The patient was in her late 50s with “90 per cent blockage in arteries”, said Dr Patel. The command centre on the premises of the Akshardham temple took a day to be readied for the procedure. Dr Patel sat alone at the command centre or ‘cockpit’, assisted by a technician and Dr Sanjay Shah, a cardiologist at the Apex Heart Institute who has worked with Patel for 22 years.

Read more of this feat in a report published in The Indian Express....

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The Indian Express

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