2-Day 'Festival Of Education' In Jaipur

Rajasthan government will host a 2-day 'Festival of Education' in Jaipur on the 5th and 6th August at the Jaipur Exhibition and Convention Centre. The festival aims at enhancing the opportunities in the education sector. This will also help in improving the quality of education in Rajasthan.

Subjects of the different sessions planned are:

How to improve government schools.
Is the future of Indian education private?
Reimagining schools.
How important a role does environment play in learning during early childhood
Tradition in a time of exponential change.
Education challenges in our contemporary world.
How solar power can make India a superpower.
Capturing life.
Radical unschooling - future of education.
Challenges and opportunities for educational innovations in a system which resists change.

Eminent personalities from India and abroad will be addressing the sessions.
To know more about this log on to http://festivalofeducationrajasthan.com/?src=social

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