Financial Management

Using Aadhar Card as Debit Card

After the demonetisation announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 8th Nov there is so much of talking on encouraging cash less transactions. The government on its part is promoting this very actively through the media. Many ministries have joined hands in taking this message to the commoner

Art of Investing

You have laid down SMART financial goals. You have been earning and saving. Then what? Just savings do not protect your purchasing power. Due to inflation the cost of your financial goals increase. The catalyst that elevates your savings to the vicinity of your financial goals is investment

Developing A Financial Plan

“Most people don’t plan to fail. They simply fail to plan.” Planning brings future to present. By planning we reduce uncertainties of future. This makes us less anxious about future. Once we have planned, future is more known to our and we enjoy our Right Now moments more. Financial planning is a

Women Empowerment With Ekal Help

बालिका सशक्तिकरण की एक मिशाल बनी एकल से प्रशिक्षीत कु0 शिल्पा (For English read further down) कु0 शिल्पा मिश्रा, उम्र 27 वर्ष, मु0-पो0 कराईकेला, प्रखण्ड- बंदगांव, जिला-प0 सिंहभुम, झारखण्ड की रहने वाली युवा बालिका ने एक अद्भुत पहचान बनाई है। वह एक बहुत गरीब परिवार से थी। एकल अभियान ग्रामोत्थान

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