North West Delhi Village Gets Free Wi-Fi

Bharat Mahan

Kadipur village in northwest Delhi becomes a "free Wi-Fi" village. The service was launched by local councillor Urmila Rana on Monday. Mridul Foundation, an NGO, had taken an initiative to provide Kadipur with better net connectivity. Rana said children of this village would now be able to access educational stuff online and this was a sign of progress. "I had promised the people that we will make the village a Free Wi-Fi zone in six months. Children can now get better access to education as they can view study tutorials online or watch educational videos. Even the housewives and working women can use these facilities to connect to the outside world," said Rana. She claims Kadipur is the first village in Delhi to have such a facility.

Read more of this in a report by Jasjeev Gandhiok in Times of India.....

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Times of India

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