Take Help of Facebook If You Are Looking For Blood Donors

Facebook will roll out a new feature next month to connect blood donors and blood banks with those seeking them. The feature, said Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, was conceived by Indian product developer Hema Budaraju as part of an internal hackathon.

“It can be hard to find a donor or donate to someone outside your network. So we worked with non-profit organizations, blood banks, and donors to build a tool to make it easier to give blood.Donors can register on Facebook and get a notification if a person or an orga nization nearby needs blood, and people who need donations can be connected to potential donors,“ Zuckerberg wrote in a status update on Thursday announcing the new feature. The service will be introduced on October 1, which is also the National Blood Donors day .

Read more of this in a report published in Times of India....

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Times of India

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