Community Participation In Every School

If education is a means to creating a positive, progressive society, then the most critical factor to ensure social upliftment is the school. And hence, it becomes the community’s primary responsibility to support its schools. All of teacher’s efforts to make learning engaging, improve learning levels, increase enrolment and attendance, and so on, cannot yield any significant results unless the parents and community join forces with the teacher. However, the reality is that often less educated or uneducated parents are indifferent towards education.

Many times they do not even consider it important to send the child to school every day, leave alone participating in school activities. That is why ‘Community Participation’ innovation is so important for every school. It provides solutions to increase community’s awareness and engagement in children's education, so they take more interest in upliftment of the school.

Read our earlier post on this, which gives details of this innovation and how it has benefited. The link to this is

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