In Wardha Villages, ATMs Come Home To Facilitate Banking

MAHADEORAO Fating is over 90, his wife Parvatabai close behind. The couple, who rarely move out of the tin-shed home in Waigaon village in Maharashtra’s Wardha district, sustain themselves with the Rs 600 a month that each gets under the state government’s Shravanbal Yojana for elderly destitutes. Once in three months, the money gets deposited in their local State Bank of India branch. There’s no way they can make that visit, so the bank comes to them — in the form of Sangita Kamble and her micro-ATM.

Started in November 2017, the scheme has seen 1,59,787 transactions worth over Rs 42.55 crore in Wardha — so far, 11 of the 115 BCs have recorded transactions of over Rs 1 crore each. 

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