राजकुमारी की दक्षता Rajkumari Ki Dakshta

इस कहानी में एक मूर्तिकार पूरे राज्य के सामने राजा को चुनौती देता है कि वे उनकी बतायी पहेली को हल करके दिखाये।राजा और राज दरबारी पूरी कोशिश करते हैं, फिर भी उस पहेली को हल नहीं कर पाते।ऐसे में राजा को परेशान देखकर उनकी पुत्री पूरी दक्षता के साथ उस पहेली को हल करने में लग जाती है... और वे उस पहेली को 
हल कर उस मूर्तिकार का घमंड तोड़ती है।

In this story, a sculptor openly challenges the king to solve a puzzle posed by him. The king and his courtesans try their very best but are unable to solve it. Watching the discomfort of her father, the princess, confronts the challenge with all her dexterity solves the puzzle and dents the pride of the sculptor.

Another video in the series of value education. This series has been produced by HEMA Foundation, Mumbai. HEMA stands for Human Endeavour For Moral Awakening. Our earlier posts on value education have been:


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