Financial Management

Digitizing Finance, Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy

In this article, I intend to provide food for thought on the topic’s multi-sided issues. There are opportunities as well as need for organized approach to deal with associated risks. Financial products and services have become increasingly intricate; people are making transactions at a quicker pace

Suggestions on how to re-use farm waste for positive effect

An IIT-Delhi team has provided technical support to Asia's first biogas-based power plant which is now operating on paddy straw for large-scale biogas production in Fazilka, Punjab. The system is based on 100% use of paddy straw and has been generating nearly 4,000 cubic metres per day of biogas

Art of Investing

You have laid down SMART financial goals. You have been earning and saving. Then what? Just savings do not protect your purchasing power. Due to inflation the cost of your financial goals increase. The catalyst that elevates your savings to the vicinity of your financial goals is investment.

Women Empowerment With Ekal Help

बालिका सशक्तिकरण की एक मिशाल बनी एकल से प्रशिक्षीत कु0 शिल्पा (For English read further down) कु0 शिल्पा मिश्रा, उम्र 27 वर्ष, मु0-पो0 कराईकेला, प्रखण्ड- बंदगांव, जिला-प0 सिंहभुम, झारखण्ड की रहने वाली युवा बालिका ने एक अद्भुत पहचान बनाई है। वह एक बहुत गरीब परिवार से थी। एकल अभियान ग्रामोत्थान

Customers Not Liable For E-frauds, if Reported in Time: RBI

Concerned over the rise in complaints about unauthorized electronic transactions, the Reserve Bank of India has introduced a policy of 'zero liability' for customers in third-party frauds if they are reported within three days. This means banks will have to make good the losses suffered by customers

This woman started kulchha-chana thela to save her family from financial crisis

Yadav is a graduate, a loving wife and a doting mother of two. Till a month back, Yadav was just another Gurugram resident, working as a nursery teacher and taking care of her family. But things changed when her husband met with an accident in May and the doctors said he’s need a hip surgery.

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