Positive News from BHARAT that is INDIA

Delhi Robotic Engineer Develops World’s Cheapest Pocket Ventilator

The world’s cheapest and smallest ventilator, which looks like a clunky cellphone and can easily slip into your back pocket, has been developed by a young robotics engineer in Delhi in collaboration with a neurosurgeon at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. “It is almost 450 times smaller t

German Woman Turns Saviour For Sick, Abandoned Cows In Mathura

As many as 1,200 cows – mostly abandoned, sick and injured – have found a saviour in 59-year-old German national Friederike Irina Bruning. When she landed in India from Berlin in 1978 as a tourist, she had no inkling of the life destiny had in store for her. “I came as a tourist and understood that