Nirmala Becomes First Lady Conductor In Haryana Roadways

Nirmala, the B.Com. graduate from Kharisurera has become the first lady conductor of Haryana Roadways. Her first assignment has been on the Sirsa-Elnabad route. रोडवेज की बस में लोगों ने पहली बार किसी महिला कंडक्‍टर को टिकट काटते हुए देखा। खारीसुरेरा निवासी निर्मला को हरियाणा के सिरसा डिपो की पहली

Turning Animal Poo Into Power

"Poo to Power" may sound awkward and impractical, but Aditya Aggarwal and his brother Amit have done it in Karnal, Haryana. Two industries, one producing wire nails and another tinner rivets, owned by the family run on 100% electricity produced from cattle dung they get from nearby 'gaushalas' or

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