In Nashik, Colour-Coded Bedsheets Are Protecting Newborns

If it’s Monday, the colour code for bedsheets at Nashik civil hospital’s special newborn care unit (SNCU) is yellow, if it’s Tuesday, the sheets are pink, and so on for each day of the week. This simple measure ensures that the bedsheets have been washed and sterilised by autoclave. Similarly, there are separate mops and buckets for each cubicle. A motivated staff also checks whether the surfaces of warmers have been cleaned.

Maharashtra’s efforts are also in keeping with Every Newborn Action Plan launched at the World Health Assembly in 2014 led by the World Health Organisation and UNICEF to reduce neonatal mortality.

Read more of this in a report by Anuradha Mascarenhas published in The Indian Express... (Link given below)

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The Indian Express

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