New York To Canada, Delhi Govt School Classrooms Going Places

Bharat Mahan

The classroom of a physics teacher in a New York school is connected to one in a Delhi government school through Twitter.

To develop a professional community of teachers across the globe, teachers in Delhi government schools are spearheading a movement to bring more educators — from government and private schools — to social media.

And it’s had some positive, albeit unintended, effects. The physics teacher in New York, Seth Guiñals-Kupperman, saw a Twitter conversation on the Happiness Curriculum and got in touch with Gulati to replicate it in his classrooms.

“We are now working on a project where our students will interact with their counterparts in Canadian schools via video conferencing to understand each other’s challenges, have a cultural interaction and meaningful conversation,” said Gulati.

Read more of this in a report by Mallica Joshi published in The Indian Express...

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