A News Service Will All Its Reporters Under 14

In a makeshift newsroom made from bamboo sticks and brightly painted gunny bags, 10-year-old Dheeraj Bhatt is talking into a microphone.

“Hello and welcome to the children’s scrapping, err… scrappy news service,” says the chirpy anchor. “Today’s show is about reclaiming our lost playgrounds...”

The newsroom is in a fishing village in Mumbai; the walls are covered in glitter and fairy lights. A rickety red car seat serves as the ‘couch’ for guests, who typically include electricians, plumbers, carpenters and local parents.

This is the headquarters of the Scrappy News Service, an initiative of the Delhi-based non-profit organisation Going To School (GTS).

This news was just too good, not to be shared further. Read more of this in an excellent report by Anesha George published in Hindustan Times....

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Hindustan Times

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