Alwar Govt School Classrooms Look Like A Train, Veranda A Platform

Alwar’s Government Senior Secondary School, Railway Station, takes its name quite literally. Here the classrooms have been painted like passenger compartments, the principal’s office looks like an engine and the veranda is the “platform”, where students hang out. “Children are always fascinated by

Cost Effective Water Storage Tanks To Fight Drought In Rajasthan

In drought ridden areas of Rajasthan the programme to construct cost effective water storage tanks are helping fight shortage of water. More than 57,000 tanks, which will store some 17531 lakh litres of water, at a cost of 730.71 crore Rupees have been constructed. Read more.... प्रदेश के 12

Kitchen Gardens For Better Health In Rajasthan's Kasturba Gandhi Girls Schools

To attract girl child to schools rapid strides are being made in Rajasthan. In the Kasturba Gandhi Girls Schools an added attraction has been the setting of kitchen gardens which help in providing better health to the children. Seeing the success of this project in Bhilwara district it is being

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