Lived In A Tent, Sold Pani Puri, Now Plays Cricket For India Under-19

For three years, he lived with groundsmen in the Muslim United Club’s tent at the Azad Maidan ground in Mumbai. He had to, after he was thrown out of a dairy shop where he used to sleep. Yashasvi Jaiswal was just 11 years old then and the only thing that kept him going was a dream — to play cricket

11-Yr-Old TN Girl Makes History As First Indian Ball Girl At FIFA World Cup

Eleven-year-old Nathania John K from Tamil Nadu today became India’s first FIFA ball girl when she led Brazil on to the field in their game against Costa Rica at Arena St Petersburg. That is, Nathania, who hails from the Nilgiris and is a footballer herself, became the first Indian girl to be an

Cricket On Wheel Chairs

When Veer Singh Sandhu, the son of a farmer, lost the use of his legs after contracting polio as an infant, he had to move from one place to another by dragging himself on the ground. It was only in his teenage years that he became aware of the ease that a wheelchair could provide him, and got one

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