Healthy Students Better Learners

Healthy Students Better Learners

There’s an old saying that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. It has also been scientifically proven that nutritious food is directly related to children’s intellectual development. Any deficiency of vitamins or other nutrients can not only affect their physical health, but also their concentration, comprehension, and retention of learning. It is essential, therefore, to understand health & nutrition as an important factor affecting students’ learning outcomes, and must be included in students’ holistic development plan. Through the activity presented in ‘Healthy Student, Better Learners’, teachers have found an engaging way to foster health and hygiene habits in students.

Benefits of this innovation

  • Students get a healthy diet for better physical and mental development.
  • They become aware of the importance, quality and source of various nutrients in food.
  • General knowledge of the students also increases.
  • Parents also gradually become more sensitive towards the child’s health and hygiene requirements, and are able to better support their growth.

Impact areas

Create enquiry-led self-learning environment; Improve motivation levels among teachers; Increase involvement of parents in their child’s education; Improve learning outcomes.


The aim of various activities explained here is to motivate students to always choose to eat nutritious food and improve their eating habits. In this innovation, the food is used as a TLM to increase their subject, general and practical knowledge. It also serves to develop their communication skills and enhance vocabulary.

Sacchina Chettri, Upper Syari, Junior High School, Nandok, East Sikkim
Sacchina Chettri, Upper Syari, Junior High School, Nandok, East Sikkim

Zero-Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives

Zero-Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives

ZIIEI is an initiative of Sri Aurobindo Society. Working for over 55 years to transform Education, Sri Aurobindo Society has identified that the Zero Investment Innovations at grassroots in India can be one of the most game-changing accelerators in improving the quality of education.

ZIIEI has been facilitating wide-spread adoption of the most promising “zero-investment” innovations in Education, and helping the State to solve the toughest challenges of making education more effective and meaningful. Presently, it is proving to be a significant step in implementation of the vision of the State Government to establish UP as a role model state of Educational Transformation.

The ZIIEI platform brings together the scattered, isolated and yet-to-be–recognised individual innovations, and is making these collective and inclusive. Each school, educator, and student is intended to be part of a mutually-sustained ecosystem to address the gaps in education—with simple tools—and will earn recognition by the Education Community and the State Government for their successful ideas.

ZIIEI is inclusive innovation at its best also because of the fact that it brings together the government, the schools, and educators, non-governmental and corporate players. While ZIIEI, evolved in response to critical educational needs, has been designed under the guidance of the UP State Government, it is funded by HDFC Bank— a collaboration model that goes beyond even public-private partnership (PPP) to facilitate the best of ideas, research, knowledge-sharing and cross-sector collaborations.

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