#PositiveAboutCorona: Reader's views

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Everything is not locked down
Sunrise is not locked down
Love is not locked down
Family time is not locked down
Kindness is not locked down
Creativity is not locked down
Learning is not locked down
Conversation is not locked down
Imagining is not locked down
Reading is not locked down
Relationship is not locked down
Praying is not locked down
Meditation is not locked down
Sleeping is not locked down
Work from home is not locked down
Hope is not locked down
Cherish what you have.

Locked down is an opportunity to do what you always wanted to do.

Received this in a whatsapp group and don't know who has penned this. I liked this so much that I thought of sharing here.
Vijay Maroo
पूर्ण विराम
वक़्त थम गया,
किसने लगाई यह आग
हर इन्सान कुछ डर गया
कैसे आइ यह हवा
उठने लगे सवाल
क्या ठीक, क्या नहीं
कोई हे इसका इलाज?
मन शान्त और बचाव
इस में हे सबका भाला
करोना को लेकर
छोड़ दो सब विवाद.
Roma Uppal
There are many positive impacts of lock down which are as follows :
1. People are becoming creative and are learning new things.
2. Family bonding is increasing.
3. Pollution is decreasing day by day.
4. Unity is also strengthened between Indian citizens which will help in the development of the society.
5. This is the time to introspect within your self and clear all negative thoughts from your mind and soul.
Arjun Maroo
Life 2.0

Unique way to learn nature: that each one is equal, and the tiniest member can render humanity helpless.

While some of us will pay the price, humanity will rise. We have lost track of what is truly precious, in the race of ill-defined parameters of success.

Purpose of life cannot remain a subject of philosophy, for academic discussions. It has to act as the polar star that guides us in every step, in every action. What stands out are: need of loving family around, selfless volunteers caring for strangers as their own, a government that acts as caring parents, and financial security to meet basic needs such as food, shelter, and life-saving medicines. This everyone needs and deserves, as collective guarantee. Rest everything is a bonus.

So, as Darwin taught us, the purpose of each individual life necessarily begins with: Survival. However, we complicated it by the term ‘Survival of fittest”, as we began to play with the criteria of fitness, in ill-defined vague terms such as expertise, efficiency, performance, success, money, position, power, etc. Most of all, we assigned intelligence-level as the ultimate supremacy over all other traits, even beyond selflessness, love, care,integrity. Well, if we want to understand, can we deny that the primary parameter of fitness is: mutually caring society, equipped with life-skills of mutual interdependence, led by integrity-driven selfless individuals, and enough prosperity to absorb sudden crises & losses. All other forms of fitness are next, as supportive parameters, as means to achieve this primary goal.

So, it’s time to go to the drawing board, and look at the first-principles. It’s time to reset priorities in the right order: family, society, then self. Money is vital, as everyone needs a boat in the ocean, but as means not as the purpose.
Tulsi Tawari
The skies are clear, no air pollution and smog. We have slept a few hours more and feeling well rested. We are spending quality time with our family. We are watching news more then other TV programs. We have saved huge amount of foreign exchange by not burning petroleum products.
Shewkumar Somani
This is nutritionist Ritu Agarwal from healthy me and it’s an ardent request from me to use these days of lockdown as a unique opportunity to bring back your body in shape and maintain good health. Good diet can take the place of medicines in our lives so let’s make full use of this fact especially during this world pandemic which has proved to us, the effectiveness of our body, the importance of good health and the need for a strong immunity.

For any help, please feel free to contact dietician Ritu Agarwal at this number- 9831756064.
Ritu Agarwal

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