#PositiveAboutCorona: Reader's views

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I hope after Corona Penidemic, the life style of people will change. We all will become more `Work From Home` oriented. The economy will change in favor of online businesses. The traffic on roads will reduce and the social nature will turn into self-centric.
To work with 200% capacity & bring India as well as world economy back in track.

It is wonderful spending time with family. People will start valuing natural resources.

Though I knew very well but I want all Indian should understand the value & importance of food & water & other natural resources.

Our ozone layer is recovering.
Kishan G Biyani
Mother Earth is getting her full dosage of detox as is seen in reports of pollution (air ,water, land, noise etc) going down drastically. News also reports that more than 8 lac turtles came on shores in Odisha and laid 6 crore eggs. Dolphins were seen in Mumbai shores , Malabar Civet on Kerala roads , Reindeer in Uttarakhand , and many more . It’s a delight to watch these reports. I feel Nature has done this lockdown to detox itself , clean up and get ready for her next 100 years of abuse, so that human beings can live on this planet . We, as a species would become extinct if this breather was not given to nature . So She did this. TO SAVE US HUMAN BEINGS. Wake up human beings !! Also this is a great learning for our next generation, they will become more aware and cautious in their way of life for sure !! MANY THANKS MOTHER NATURE!
Rupa Agarwal
We are starting this new section to get your views on what's the positive side you are seeing following the lowdown because of Covid19.
At the moment a 21 day lockdown has been announced. Hopefully it is not extended. For the first time in our lifetime we are experiencing this. Tax your brains a little and share your thoughts of what positivity you see. No negative posts, please. Our website is all for positivity only.
Start now.

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