परोपकार जीवन नहीं, जीवन के बाद भी जीवंत रहता है। हमारे पुराणों में परोपकार के लिए कई उपदेश लिखे हैं। नदी अपना जल नहीं उपयोग करती। वृक्ष अपना फल नहीं खाता। परोपकार के यह सर्वश्रेष्ठ उदाहरण है।

 मनुष्य अकेला जीवन नहीं जी सकता। मानवता के उद्धार के लिए परोपकार आवश्यक है। इससे स्वयं के साथ-साथ समाज का भी कल्याण होता है। परोपकार की भावना प्रकृति के लिए भी होनी चाहिए I इस सृष्टि में मनुष्य, प्राणी और प्रकृति सभी का संरक्षण आवश्यक है। पंच तत्वों की सुरक्षा के लिए परोपकार की भावना आवश्यक है। परोपकार  का दिखावा नहीं करना चाहिए। नाम और यश केलिए किया गया कार्य परोपकार नहीं होता।परोपकार ऐसा हो जिसमें सर्वहिताय और सर्वसुखाय की भावना निहित हो।


All of us need other people at some or other time in our lives . When others help us we are very happy at the same time we also experience happiness when we see others expressing their gratitude towards us. We also know about our abilities when we help others so helping others is a two way process

Two secrets that many people do not know

Secret #1: When you give, you are likely to get back!

People will notice that you are generous. As a result, they'll probably be generous to you.

“Practice giving, and people will give to you.... With the measure that you are measuring out, they will measure out to you in return.”

“The way you treat others is the way you wish to be treated.”

Secret #2: When you help others, you help yourself!

Doing good things for others boosts your self-respect and makes you feel the satisfaction that comes from giving.

“There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.”


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