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As a practicing Chartered Accountant I feel, Covid 19 crisis has a silver lining. It has brought to the fore tremendous potential for
reducing costs - overheads (including rental on commercial real estate)
outsourcing support services(globally and regionally)
increasing efficiency
being environment friendly
enhancing employee satisfaction
achieving work-life balance
changing HR practices and making it more effective
speeding up reinventing of work and retooling industries.
Rishi Khator, CA
Amidst the unprecedented lockdown, we all are living in crazy and difficult times. Such massive confinement to home has not been seen in recent memory (interacted with persons 75+ years old. Even they do not recollect such prolonged confinement to home). This unique experience brings with it positives that we imbibe in our ways. Sharing below few of them from my personal experience

· Introspection of my activities, mind, approach towards others. This has brought clarity in me on many matters of relevance. This has also helped me direct my energies, thoughts and actions efficiently and effectively

· Planning: In times when one is free. My planning has forayed into areas like :

o new financial year business growth plans,

o allocation of resources for forthcoming activities (post lockdown)

o revisiting previously set goals

· Quality time : I could spend quality time with myself and my family. Spent time on yoga, meditation, teaching meditation to others in the housing society, playing games with children, wife, watching TV with family, holding discussion on varied matters with father. Also, doing household chores together with all.

· Acquiring new skills: During this lockdown period have started a course on Forensic and frauds. Also will be starting another course on learning German language along with my daughter.

· Catching up with old movies (of period much before my birth) of favourite actor – Dev Anand, that I always wanted to see but could not see. Movies watched include Jaal (1952), Solvaa Saal (1958). Also, hope to watch all time favourite Gone with the Wind (1939).

· Connecting over phone (and not just whatsapp group) with cousins, school and college friends.

· Expressing concern and solidarity with clients in such crazy times and thus bonding with them on matters other than business / profession.
Rishi Khator
वाट्सएप पर हमें मिला, किसने लिखा यह तो नहीं पता, पर है अच्छा. आपसे साझा कर रहे है।
"क्या यही सतयुग है"
1- ना Sunday बीतने की चिंता*
2- ना Monday आने का डर*
3- ना पैसे कमाने का मोह*
4-ना खर्च करने की ख्वाइश्*
5-ना होटल मे खाने की इच्छा*
6-ना घुमने जाने की खुशी*
7-ना सोना-चांदी का मोह
8-ना पैसे का मोह
9-ना नए कपड़े पहनने की एक्साइटमेन्ट
10-ना अच्छे से तैयार होने की चिंता
क्या हम मोक्ष के द्वार पर पहुंच गए है??????
🤔लगता है कलयुग समाप्त हो गया और सतयुग आ गया है।

11- पूजा-पाठ,परिवार का साथ,उपवास,रामायण, महाभारत।
12-प्रदूषण रहित वातावरण।
13-भाग दौड़ भरी जिंदगी समाप्त।
14-सादगी भरा सबका जीवन
15-सब दाल-रोटी खा रहे हैं।
16-समानता आ गयी है,
17-कोई नौकर नहीं,घर में सब मिल जुलकर काम कर लेते हैं।
18- ना कोई महँगे कपड़े पहन रहा है ।
19- ना कोई आभूषण धारण कर रहा है।
20-सब 24 घण्टे ईश्वर को ही याद कर रहे हैं।
21-लोग अपार दान धर्म भी कर रहे हैं।
22-अहंकार भी शान्त हो गया है।
23-लोग परस्पर सहयोग कर रहे हैं।
24-सभी बच्चे बाहर से अपने घर आकर माँ बाप के पास रहने लगे हैं।
25- घर घर भजन कीर्तन हो रहे हैं।
ये सतयुग नहीं तो और क्या है ?
Along with my son I went to get some necessary household stuff just after 2 days of the lock down. On the way he was talking about the governments impulsive decision and that this situation is not good for the whole world.
I was listening patiently and after he finished I smiled and talked to him with calmness. I said, 'God's planning is perfect'.
On this he remarked how is this situation perfect.
I said, do you remember just before the beginning of 2020 the circumstances were so different globally. There were terms like superpowers, with so much corruption and everyone fighting with each other and even talking of war. And now, what a change of attitude in just three months. We are saved from a big Nuclear war! You know what the situation would have been if it was a war. Only one thing is common that even in war everybody has to stay at home. But there is a list of not to do's, no lights, no groceries, no games, no laughter, no smiles, no calls; only sounds of bullets and bombs and destruction all around. There could be ground raids, air raids and water raids with very dim hope of survival.
My son then understood the essence of peace and why this state of staying indoors was not a bad situation at all.
I hope all parents have made efforts in teaching their children the importance of love and peace. We all should learn this life lesson of living with satisfaction, which will in turn give us peace.
God bless us all and may this SEASON of peace remains on EARTH forever.
Sonia Khator
There are certain positive fall outs of lock down which I have felt and would like to share with others.
1.Drop in pollution level, even zero whether it is air or.sound.
2.Drop in electricity demand
3.Drop in crime
4.Drop in road accidents
5.Acceptance of the fact that for normal living one does not require huge amount of money as it is the lifestyle which has made us extravagant.
6.Significant drop in demand of money by ladies for their shopping spree.
May these habits continue even after lock down.
Rajendra K Sarawgi
कोरोना त्रासदी से हम बहुत पॉजिटिव सीखे ले सकते है ।
-हमने सीखा कि कभी कभी असंभव परिस्थितियां अचानक आ जाती है, एवं हम शांति से कुछ समय व्यतीत करके, इनसे छुटकारा पा सके हैं । गीता में भी लिखा है कि "यह समय भी निकल जायेगा", पॉजिटिव रहो ।
-उद्योग एवं व्यवसायियो ने सीखा कि किस तरह एक नए चरण में नही प्लानिंग के साथ, मंदी से लड़कर, नई ऊंचाइयों तक पहुंचना है ।
-परिवारों ने सीखा, कि किस तरह एक साथ, एक घर मे रहकर, जीवन का असली आनंद लिया जा सकता है ।
-कभी कभी रफ्तार को धीमा करके जीवम का आनंद लेना भी इस कोरोना ने सीखा दिया ।
-इस खाली समय का उपयोग व्यापार के अगले 5 वर्षो की प्लानिंग में लगा दे, ऐसा शांति का समय कभी नही मिलता ।
-अब पता चला कि बिना आफिस या फैक्ट्री जाये भी, work at home द्वारा, पारिवारिक जीवन जीते जीते, व्यापार भी किया जा सकता है ।
-अब कॉन्फिडेंस आया कि भारत आने उद्योगों एवं जीवन यापन हेतु अमेरिका या यूरोप पर निर्भर नही हैं, हम स्वयं समर्थ है, किसी भी वैश्विक समस्यानक समाधान करने हेतु ।
-अब पता चला कि लीडर कैसा होना चाहिए, जिसकी एक अपील पर पूरे देशवासी आने अपने घर की बालकनियों में खड़े हो जाते है । ऐसी एकता से भारत को वैश्विक शक्ति बनने से कोई नही रोक सकता ।
Be positive, Be creative....
Yogesh Birla

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