Indian Scientists Develop Next-Gen Technology Loop To Generate Clean Energy

Indian scientists have developed a super critical carbon di oxide Brayton test loop facility that would help generate clean energy from future power plants including solar thermal. This next generation technology loop was developed indigenously by Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. This is

Cricket On Wheel Chairs

When Veer Singh Sandhu, the son of a farmer, lost the use of his legs after contracting polio as an infant, he had to move from one place to another by dragging himself on the ground. It was only in his teenage years that he became aware of the ease that a wheelchair could provide him, and got one

Samples Of ‘Highest Risk’ Defence Personnel Stored At DNA Repository

DNA samples of over 7,000 armed forces personnel, who are considered to be “at the highest risk of death”, have been collected and stored at the DNA profiling centre and repository in the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune. Part of an ambitious project of the Armed Forces Medical Services to develop

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