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Meet These 5 Delhi Super Cops Who Tailed, Caught 500 Criminals Last Year

They are the Famous Five of Delhi police and colleagues call them the “star catchers” — five assistant sub-inspectors (ASI) who tailed and caught almost 500 proclaimed offenders in 2017, more than one-fourth of what the entire force managed that year. Among the five, posted in different locations,

Delhi Police Traces 3,000 Missing Kids In Just 4 Days, Thanks To Technology

Delhi Police has traced about 3,000 missing children in just four days by using facial recognition system (FRS). Delhi Police had acquired a new facial recognition system and after getting the go ahead from the Delhi High Court, used this software to match with the data that the Women & Child

Tihar’s ‘Open Jails’ Don’t Feel Like Prison, They Help Convicts Reform

Away from the grilles, the high walls, X-ray scanners, armed guards and the overcrowded prison cells, a four-storey building inside Tihar jail’s 400-acre complex stands apart. There are no iron gates or armed guards monitoring and frisking visitors here. Located behind the office of the prison’s

Mission 'Buniyad' To Skill Kids With Reading, Basic Maths In Delhi

Mission Buniyaad, a campaign by Delhi government to group children from classes III to IX on their maths and reading abilities, was launched by deputy CM and education minister Manish Sisodia on Wednesday. The campaign aimed at 76,000 students in classes III to V in Sarvodaya schools and classes VI

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