Gaurav Varnan

From Ekal to Police Force

Shri K. Gopi Nayak, a student of Ekal Vidyalaya from Ranga Reddy district of the state of Telangana (formerly Andhra Pradesh) grew nostalgic on his interview with us. Having worked as an Acharya Gopi Nayak is currently working as a Constable in Telangana Police force. In spite of the success that

Nutritional garden to prosperity

Sri Ramlal Bahala, a villager of tribal community of Jharmunda village, Sundergarh, Orissa is now recognized as a big entrepreneur of that district. Previously he was struggling of starvation with his seven children & wife. He came in contact with Sri Arjun Sharma, incharge of GRC, Jarangloi. He

Earning by Organic Farming

Jitendra Verma, aged 35 years, a resident of village Maniadih of district Giridih of Jharkhand. In 2002, he became full time worker of Ekal Vidyalaya and later on he got training about organic compost & farming. This encouraged him to make pits for organic compost. Besides he developed a small

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