Good News For Patients Suffering From Migraine : Surgery Can Be One Option

It makes sense to go under the knife to get rid of migraine, a study conducted by doctors from AIIMS Delhi and Srinagar military hospital has concluded. Their claim is based on follow-up results of 30 patients who underwent surgery to treat the neurovascular disease that affects 20% of the global

Need Blood - Contact "Friends To Help"

"Friends to Help" - a group created by 20 year Tanuj Goyal, has some 40,000 blood donors as members who are ready to save lives. The help line number is 70277-00702 and it has thousands of volunteers in whatsapp group too. हरियाणा के बहादुरगढ़ में बदमाशों और पुलिस के बीच जमकर मुठभेड़ होती है। सिपाही

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