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Weatherman Gets 'Saint' Status

How important is the correct weather forecast in an individual's life? Unlike the earlier days when people used to say that if our weathermen have predicted no rains, expect some shower for sure. But, now the situation has changed and our weather forecasts have become pretty accurate. Today one

School For Grannies

Read such an interesting story that could not resist posting it here so that more and more people come to know of this. And may be some one takes the lead to replicate this model in their area of operation. This story, by Madhushree Ghose and photos by Satish Bate, in the Hindustan Times is of a

111 Cr Aadhar Cards Generated

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has achieved another landmark by generating 111 crore Aadhaar in a population of 125 crore plus. The world’s largest and unique biometrics based identification programme with a real time online authentication infrastructure – the Aadhaar has been

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