Jeevan Kaushal

Active Listening Is Key To Success

We all know that communication takes place only if there is a speaker and also there is a listener. Further, communication is necessarily a two-way process that means communication is considered complete only when the listener or the receiver acknowledges that he/she has received the message, may be

Digitizing Finance, Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy

In this article, I intend to provide food for thought on the topic’s multi-sided issues. There are opportunities as well as need for organized approach to deal with associated risks. Financial products and services have become increasingly intricate; people are making transactions at a quicker pace

Say ‘Yes’: Always But ‘No’ Also Sometimes

A few days back, one of my mentee, Venky came to me and told that he was not able to cope up with pressure of work in his office. He told me that he was working even beyond working hours. He claimed that he was following my advice in letter and spirit in following ‘Time Management’ formulae as given

Say No to Complaints and Cribbing

There is a saying: “ 50% people don’t care if you have a problem, And the other 50% people are happy that you have a problem .” This quote may seem amusing but you will agree with me that it is true to a large extent. Just look around the scores of friends and relatives you have and also hundreds

Art of Investing

You have laid down SMART financial goals. You have been earning and saving. Then what? Just savings do not protect your purchasing power. Due to inflation the cost of your financial goals increase. The catalyst that elevates your savings to the vicinity of your financial goals is investment.

Being Rich and Looking Rich are Two Different Things

Credit & Debt “Being Rich and looking Rich are two different things” “The surest way to establish your credit is to work yourself into the position of not needing any.” Basic Characteristics The sword cuts both ways, as the saying goes. The same applies to credit: it can be a tool or a trap,

The More You Sweat in Peace, the Less You Bleed in War

It was mid night of September 29-30, 2016. Special Forces of Indian Army carried out surgical strikes for the first time in its history across the Line of Control (LoC) into PoK in several sectors, destroying terror launch pads. The raid came in retaliation to the Fidayeen attack by Pakistan-based

Developing A Financial Plan

“Most people don’t plan to fail. They simply fail to plan.” Planning brings future to present. By planning we reduce uncertainties of future. This makes us less anxious about future. Once we have planned, future is more known to our and we enjoy our Right Now moments more. Financial planning is a

Tolerance vs Intolerance in Governance

During last couple of years, there has been a lot of debate on being tolerant or intolerant. In fact, suddenly many unknown or hardly known literary personalities returned their awards in the name of intolerance in the country. Somehow, media tried to create an impression that India had suddenly

Motivation Level: Anti-Social vs Good People

Have you ever thought why the motivation level of anti-social elements is extremely high compared to the decent, good and God fearing people? This question has always intrigued me for a long time. See the motivation level of terrorists, the dacoits, the street fighters and many more people who enjoy

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