Jeevan Kaushal

Love It Or Leave It

Last week, while delivering a talk to a gathering of about 100+ young professionals, one young lady asked a question that she was not liking her job. What she should do? My crisp reply was “Love it or Leave it”. She got a mild shock with the crisp reply from me. I further elaborated in detail what I

Perform Or Perish

“Survival of the fittest” is a very old saying. Every morning, the race starts for survival. The tiger runs after the deer so that he can catch him, kill him and survive. The deer will automatically never come to the tiger and offer himself to the tiger or lion to satisfy his/her hunger. The tiger

Say No to Complaints and Cribbing

There is a saying: “ 50% people don’t care if you have a problem, And the other 50% people are happy that you have a problem .” This quote may seem amusing but you will agree with me that it is true to a large extent. Just look around the scores of friends and relatives you have and also hundreds

Art of Investing

You have laid down SMART financial goals. You have been earning and saving. Then what? Just savings do not protect your purchasing power. Due to inflation the cost of your financial goals increase. The catalyst that elevates your savings to the vicinity of your financial goals is investment.

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