Jeevan Kaushal

Developing A Financial Plan

“Most people don’t plan to fail. They simply fail to plan.” Planning brings future to present. By planning we reduce uncertainties of future. This makes us less anxious about future. Once we have planned, future is more known to our and we enjoy our Right Now moments more. Financial planning is a

Ethics @ Workplace

“To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society” -Theodore Roosevelt , Ex President Of USA Mr Roosevelt was very true when he highlighted the importance of morals. An illiterate person, if morally corrupt will do petty crimes or even heinous crimes and will get

Smile to Succeed

Three MBA qualified girls were appearing for an interview. There was only one vacancy. All the three girls had almost same level of grades in their academics and from the same level of colleges. They were almost neck to neck in their interview too while demonstrating their communication skills,

Appreciation: Yes, Flattery: No

I learnt the art of appreciation and its importance from my mother since my childhood. I assure you that it has done wonders for me in my college as well as 34 years of my career life in different roles. The only thing is that appreciation has to be sincere and it should come from the core of one’s

Let us Celebrate Differences

Differences are a part of our life. Wherever there is a little bit of intellect, differences are bound to be there. In any team, howsoever strong it may be, if there are two or more than two members in a team, differences will be there. Can anyone show me any single organization, company, NGO, a

High Living and High Thinking

‘Simple Living and High Thinking’ is what we have been taught since our childhood days. My parents also told me this and so did my teachers. And I have actually tried to follow this dictum throughout my life. Or I can put it this way too that being from a middle class family, there was no other

Setting Financial Goals

We had posted two articles by CA Rishi Khator on financial management earlier. The last one was titled 'Money Management - Create Your Future'. We are now posting the third article of his which is titled 'Setting Financial Goals'. If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is

Powers of Inter Personal Skills

No matter how hard we work or how many brilliant ideas we may have, if we can’t connect with the people who work around us, our professional life is of no significance and will get a beating ultimately. And the same is true about our family life. It is very important how we handle our colleagues and

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