Jeevan Kaushal

Anger Management

Anger is a part of our life. I have seen many people who are always calm, cool and composed. You may also know many. I hope you are also one of them. I assure you that I am one of those guys who never loses temper. No, the word ‘never’ may be an exaggeration. Let me say that I do become angry very

The Power of Positive Attitude

Most of the religions in the world teach that when you get up in the morning, you say your morning prayers, thanking God for giving us the opportunity to start another day. This is the time when we seek blessings from the Almighty also. It is said that at this time in the morning if you give a

Dreams to Destination

We all have dreams. According to me, life without dreams will be boring. And the beauty is that nobody can stop anyone of us from dreaming and dreaming big too. It is the birth right of every human being to have dreams . God has given this beautiful gift to the human beings that they can dream. Here

Financially Strong All Life Long

Late one afternoon, I received an urgent phone call from Sukumar who is a top ranking marketing official in a company to whom our Firm provides professional services. Sukumar had earlier referred to me his growing personal financial problems. So, when he gave the call I could sense something burning

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