Madhya Pradesh

In Jabalpur, Research On Artificial Bone Which Will Not Break

Three girls at the Government Science College in Jabalpur are doing research on different projects which will come as a boon to many. Two projects are specifically meant for the people in Leh-Ladhak and the third project is making of artificial bones which do note break. जबलपुर में तीन ल़डकिया

With No Govt Help Coming Tribal Villagers Build Lake By 'Shramdan'

When no government help came tribals of Kheda village decided to build a lake on their own. And they did this in just 33 days. The population of the village is around 3000. Even ladies and children participated in the 'shramdan'. The lake can store about 24 cr litres of water. ग्राम खेड़ा में खेतों

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